2019, 4 channel video installation, unsynchronized loops, no sound, various cables.

Patchwerk is the digital mutation of a large database of mirror selfies in the artist possession that was downloaded during 2013 and 2015 and kept on an external hard drive. Revisiting the folder in 2018, Westlunds interest in the images started with the hands. The hand that is holding the phone is normally done in a habitual and individual manner, thus being the least posing aspects of the self-portrait. This notion lead to the prequel 'The City Of Thousand Hands'. Eventually it came to grow into a digital Frankenstein’s monster (or Mr. Potato Head) with the addition of the mouth and one eye. Playing separately in unsynchronized loops with different lengths, the animations continously creates new combinations with its four elements.






Installation example and video simulation from A.P.T Gallery, London
Exhibition: 'Mind The Gap'