Souvenir Giveaway

2013, site specific installation, size variable, 86 pieces of wood splinters in ziplock bags

Numbered and signed by the artist in an edition of 86, the objects were given away as souvenirs to visitors of the exhibition Kontraktet at Norrbyskär Konstmuseum, with certain conditions.

The art work (hereinafter referred to as “souvenir”) is provided by the artist Jonas Westlund (hereinafter referred to as “artist”) as unique piece of wood splinter in a protective ziplock bag, numbered and signed by the artist. By taking a souvenir from the installation; I, as a visitor of the art exhibition “Kontraktet” at Norrbyskär Konstmuseum and now owner of a unique souvenir agree to the following terms:

§1 I will use the souvenir as a souvenir (memento, keepsake or token of remembrance).

§2 The artist can not be held responsible for any health issues relating to the souvenir.

§3 I am aware of the possibility that the souvenir can contain remains of toxic and possibly harmful chemicals, and will therefore:

 §3:1 Not consume the souvenir.

 §3:2 Not burn the souvenir.

 §3:3 Keep the souvenir inside the protective plastic bag.

 §3:4 Keep souvenir away from small children and animals.