2013, video, 11:36 min in loop, 4K or Full HD, 16:9, stereo

Status is a 10 minutes dialogue based video with three characters in a café/restaurant. The conversation that is taking place is put together by separately chosen status updates from my own news feed on the social networking site Facebook. The film was made in collaboration with Lampray and shot in Umeå in march 2013.

Installation view/example


Actors: Elvira Lander, Leopold Nilsson and Frida Sandberg

Photo: Martin Gärdemalm and Mattias Andersson

Producer: Lampray

Sound: Jonas Ernhill

Post prod. sound: Joakim Westlund

Music: YAST

Extras: Matilda Rune, Jonas Gazell, Katrin Westman and Linus Andersson

Thanks to restaurant Tapas (Umeå) for use of location.


Still from video
Dialogue in swedish, subtitles available on demand. Subtitled excerpt from the first two minutes below. Preferebly installed with a beamer in a black box.
Adjust the playback quality to 720p for higher resolution